ISBET History

An ancient Chinese proverb states “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Our steps have begun, and we are glad you are a part of this journey. We welcome you to The International School of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology.
Established in August 2021, the International School of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology has developed from a childhood dream to a blossoming reality today. The school’s founder felt in her heart that the educational system that had been taught to countless generations lacked the foresight and forward-thinking that the students of today require.

Her approach to this vexing problem was to embark upon uncharted territory. The goal was to create a school that would equip students for the business world that awaits them beyond their high school years.

Every student that enters the doors of ISBET is automatically considered a winner in his/her own way. The traditional way of teaching and learning has been done away with, and every course offered is carefully mapped out to place students on the pathway to success.

While success varies from one person to another, every student is encouraged to try their best, and we applaud mistakes that stem from the courage to try - for making mistakes is a fundamental part of the learning process.
ISBET has adapted “LEARNING BY DOING” as its daily affirmation. Students are active participants in their own learning, with various face-to-face and online activities designed to teach them the skills and concepts required to succeed in business and in their daily lives. 

International School of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
Our classes allow students to apply the theory taught in the classroom to practical lessons and hands-on experience, and ISBET collaborates with various business partnerships (both domestically and internationally) to make this as varied and realistic as possible. 

Although the pillars of our educational platform are business and technology, we look towards the future by including Coding and Robotics, Personal Finance, Cryptocurrency and Trading - just to name a few of the varied courses available.

With our student-centered approach, and small class sizes, instruction can be tailored to the students’ individual needs. 

ISBET also gives students a voice in the decision-making process. We believe in a democratic system, which allows each student to run for various offices within the school’s Student Advisory Board. 

Once elected, students are able to discuss and present their ideas to implement changes at every level. From the student’s perspective, their vision and direction for the school can be proposed. This allows them to take their ideas from the classroom to the Boardroom, with the idea of making change happen. 

ISBET’s students are our valuable stakeholders - the future leaders of tomorrow. Wherever their career path may take them, we set them up with the foundations to succeed, and work hand-in-hand with them to help them achieve their goals.