The International School of Business Entrepreneurship  & Technology offers a non-traditional approach to education, which sets us apart from our competitors.  We are the first and only Magnet Business High School in The Bahamas.
International School of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
ISBET sits in the heart of The Bahamas' financial and diplomatic capital, a stone throw away from the main Bay Street.  Its breathtaking views and quiet surrounding scenery encompasses a wealth of history and culture.  Our tranquil and beautiful campus sits majestically at the peak of historic Fort Charlotte.  The school building has been pre-dated as far back to the 1700’s, and was the former residence of Don Juan Bartista Salvador Mura.  Much of the original infrastructure has been carefully preserved through the ages with original hardwood floors and limestone walls.     
ISBET has moved away from mass-market education, whereas, “one size" fits all.  ISBET offers a  customized international curriculum that prepares your child for tomorrow's future.  Our student body is diverse, with representation from  Bahamian and International countries.   

Our campus sits on over 80,000 sq ft of space and offers a state-of-the-art game room, tennis court, and a fully fortified gymnasium are a few of the numerous amenities at our campus. 
We are proud to be  “Green Leaders” our campus is 50% solarized, with a solarized camera system that includes panoramic viewing along with 100%, energy-efficient lighting. Our campus is 100% digitized.  Parents can be assured that their child’s educational experience is not disrupted while at ISBET.   
Our classrooms are fully equipped with digital displays, assistive listening devices along with other audio and visual components which are used to enhance each student's participation and overall classroom experience.   

We are proud of our modern, state-of-the-art, fully fortified gymnasium. Equipped with ellipticals, treadmills, lockers.  Students will enjoy a number of classes such as, high and low-impact aerobics, and personalized training.   

 The International School of Business Entrepreneurship & Technology promotes a holistic approach while embracing a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Our student’s “health" is their wealth. A healthy body produces an articulate mindset.  The school’s cafeteria provides 50% vegetarian plant-based meals that are not only healthy but deliciously nutritious.    

Our Value Proposition

At ISBET, we endow our students [Grade 4-12] with the 21st Century Growth Mindset and Skill-sets needed to navigate the real world in their post-secondary experiences [College, Work and as Entrepreneurs] through a learning by doing processes embedded in technology that allows for a personalized and differentiated learning leading to mastery and competencies.
Audience - Whom we serve
 Lower School Students [Grade 4-6] Middle School Students [Grade 7-9]High School Students [Grade 10-12]
Offering - Our Solution
  21st Century Growth Mindset and Skill-sets needed to navigatethe real world in their post-secondary experiences [College,Work and as Entrepreneurs]
Secret Sauce - Our differentiator
 A learning by doing processes embedded in technology thatallows for a personalized and differentiated learning leading tomastery and competencies.
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At the International School of Business, we nurture children to become leaders.